18th Jan – Brogues and Turn Ups

Well hello hello. Happy Friday and end of January all!

Derek’s been a little bit under the weather of late and has mostly been holed up at Stylederektor mansions recovering (though no doubt in a very stylish pair of gentleman’s pyjamers).

However he was well enough to get back into the land of the living this week, just in time for a Father Daughter Sondheim fest at the St James Theatre.

So, to celebrate his return to form, a post on this:


“The last week has seen The Stylederektor incapacitated with a nasty case of sinusitis. As the week has been spent mainly under the duvet, sartorial elegance has not been top of the agenda.

Anyway before I was laid low I visited good friends with the family, including my editor, a.k.a. The Younger Daughter.

Anyway she was complimenting me on my 501s and in particular the small turn-up. Apparently this is a trend, but I’m only aping what I wore in 1965. That was when I purchased my first imported Levis 501’s. I can’t remember what I paid, but it was significant. (Though saying that, I was still wearing them as long cut downs ten years later).

The point then (as it still is now) is that people would realise what you were wearing by observing the small details. With Levis it was the small red tab on the reverse of the patch pocket and the leather patch on the belt loop. If both were hidden, by say a pullover, then a one-inch turn-up would highlight the iconic Levi seam.

Forty-nine years later the look still holds good. You don’t necessarily need Saville Row to maintain good traditional attire.”



And look good it does. Must admit I was quite relieved that he’s been working the look for so long, as my first thought on seeing it was that he’d joined a digital media agency on the sly and was picking up style tips from the men there.

(Thankfully not though, I think the Stylederektor.com is probably quite enough Derek for one internet).







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